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My own github page

You can try it here:

Github Information

Language on Github

How the language bot recognise what is in your repository (the colored bar on top of it) : github-linguist

Here is a cool website with all the languages used on github: githut

Github API

Github has an API that can be use to develop scripts or create application linked on it (the integrations below for example). Here is the link to the API documentation : github Developer

Github Badges

A thing, I was looking for are the badges used to customise and give precious information on the file on each repository. Some are generated automatically (like the build badge from travis).

Others are available as .svg available here:

Github Integration



Available to write your own book on github:

The view version is linked to my github url:

Code Reviews

Code Climate

IT will give a rating to you repository (pyhton, javascript, jave) based on general code rules (duplication of code, display, …). A good way to improve your coding style. Dashboard available here:


Check for python errors and convention mistake on Pyhton. Plus gives some insights on how to correct them. Easy to use. It’s based on pyLint and PEP8 style guide corrections.

Automated code review and repair for Python:

Access the Dashboard.


Automated code reviews to help developers ship better software, faster:

You can try on your repository and a rank (like code climate) is attributed on your Dashboard. It recognizes java, python, javascript …

The errors are categorized depending on the type and there’s also some advices on how to correct them.



Gives a mark based on code standard for your code, works for Javacript. JavaScript performance monitoring synch with deployment tool (heroku for example):

There’s some extra steps that will be necessary to do when making it available. I don’t have active webapp so I can only have a limited use of it.

Continuous Integration (CI)

Travis CI

Have a test configuration file and allow travis to start building the repository to see if the build passes or fails Automatic test and deploy:

Solano CI

Work with a solano.yml file, similar as travis CI. Massively Parallel Continuous Integration and Deployment:

The dashboard is avalaible here for: JUnit, Java, Scala, Clojure, Javascript, Go, NodeJS and Io.js, PHP, Python, Ruby, R, Erlang.

Cicle CI

It works with a dashboard in which you can see all targeted repository. Works the same as the other two with a circle.yml for configuration. Automatically build, test, and deploy your project in minutes:

The Circle CI dashboard is available here for this supported languages: Clojure, Elixir, Go, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Ruby


Enables developers to build, run, and operate applications entirely in the cloud Heroku is a platform as a service (PaaS) that: Getting started:

Langauges: Java, Ruby, nodeJS, Go, php, python, scala Clojure

Code Coverage


Information on how to set up codecov: here Code coverage done right: integrations codecov

Access to my dashboard

Others to test


Full-stack environments for every branch, and any application:


The complete toolchain for API development:


Full-stack error monitoring for developers:


Continuous deployment for modern static websites:


Get thorough code reviews and ship with confidence:


Enforceable guidelines for your repository:


Automated Code Review for GitHub:

Better Code Hub

Your Definition of Done for Code Quality:

Security and dependency updates for Python projects:


Time tracking and estimates inside of your GitHub issues: