CSV External import

On the advance configuration (if you’re an admin press gg then type external import):

  • Usually Excel csv are with ;
  • Use ISO-8859-1 for french instead of utf-8 to get the accents

Adding links to the issues can be mapped to the jira link field using:

  • the Issue ID from the sheet
  • the issue key from issues already in jira like TEST-1
Summary Issue ID Link “relates” Link “relates” Link “blocks”
House 1 2 3 3
Patio 2     3
Garden 3 TEST-1    

Adding issue

Basic representation on how to add an issue with the mandatory fields:

  • Issue id: from your Excel sheet, must be unique at each import
  • Parent id: used for subtasks only
  • Issuetype: Must match the ones in Jira so that it maps automatically
id parent id Summary issue type
1   task ABC Task
2 1 subtask A Subtask
3 1 subtask B Subtask

Adding epics

For epics and the linked issues under those epics you need:

  • Epic Name: Little name of the epic
  • Summary: lengthy name of the epic
  • Epic Link: To link the epic to the story
    • The Epic Name the car define in Excel
    • The issue key PLANE-7 of an existing epic in jira
  • Issuetype: must be set as Epic to be an epic.
Issue type Epic Name summary Epic Link
Epic the car build a car  
Story   build an engine my-epic
Story   buy tires my-epic
Story   Build wings PLANE-7