Those graphs were made for test in the article Generating my own jekyll blog stats. I decided it would be delightful to have them handy so here they are in their own private page!

General stats

The main statistic populated automatically from this blog.

Total of posts
Total of tags
Total of words
Average of words

Having it on a table is nice, but graphs are way more stylish!

Months’ articles distribution

Let’s see which month of the year I’m the most productive over the years:

It does have a curve from the more to less active! The busiest months aren’t necessarily the ones I would have expected. Can’t always be writing, apparently. 😛

Hot topics of the years

To check the evolution of the topics happening over the years:

You can see, that Kotlin greatly started to inspire me in 2019, and that java, python and javascript have been some of my most recurring topics. I put in the other category all tags with less than 2 articles in it and the misc so that the graph doesn’t get too cluttered.

Blog’s tags overview

To see what are the main topics in this blog, in my case I use tags as category 🤷‍♀️ with one tag per article. Besides, bringing a use case for a radar type of graph, this one also displays the editorial line of the blog.

Too many tags could mean that they need to be consolidated. As I write randomly about things that I come across, the content is a bit diverse.

Content growth

Another view of the blog’s activity, this time accounting for the average number of words (the number of word is divided, so it would fit in the chart).

Some topic may need fewer words than others, as long as you keep writing and make article it’s worth it! 📝 Most of the articles are either a memory help for me, or an exercise to better understand the subject. It’s never perfect, I often come back to old articles to fix typos and try to improve them.

Publishing history

Let’s dive with this chart at the number of articles published over the years. It’s a good indicator to see the actual blogging activity on the site.

You can see the growth rate of article with the line compared to the year’s productivity with the bar. For now, it is steadily growing, as long as I have topics that fuels my motivation I will keep it up 😃.