The facebook CTF kick started on the 1st of June to the 3rd of July. It was apparently using which is a platform to host ctfs.


The challenges were separated into 5 categories:

  • reversing: Usually a .tar to download and exploit
  • pwnable: Some server you can nc or ssh in, with sometime provided the source code of the application
  • crypto: Different type of crypto challenges
  • misc: Very broad that did not fit elsewhere
  • web: Challenges with a link to a web page where the flag was to be be uncovered.

Points and scoreboard

Something interesting here, the points for a challenge were decreasing each time somebody would solve it. Starting at 1000 when the challenge is release, it slowly goes down to 100 once 100 persons solve it (at first it was 300). Once at 100 the points of the flag was not going lower. Hence the faster you find the solution of a flag the more points you score.


The winner was Visit , the sole member was g+ aka let me guess Google +. They might have been trolling the event to promote their ctf on the 22th of June 2019.


The challenges were diverse, you had to click on them and a window would pop with some context and a box to submit the flag. Each challenge have only one flag that can be submitted.


The easter egg flag was hidden in the career page (you had to look for letters in white within the text to find it). A simple search for { in each page would have been necessary to get the flag. Here is a command to get it:

curl --silent '' | egrep -o "<span style=\"color:white\">.{1}" | sed "s/<span style=\"color:white\">//g" | tr '\n' ' '

f b { w e ' r e _ h i r i n g }

However the first flag was an easy one to get to know how they’d look like I guess fb{move_fast_and_hack_things}. It was in the IRC:


All in all it was fun to try some challenges, and when seeing how fast some advancing in the challenges, it makes me feel that there are still a lot of things to learn.

Write ups

And here some write ups made by the community as a reference: