• Category: forensic
  • Points: 3
  • Description: Can you decrypt the message on that picture?



For this challenge, you had to download the font displayed in the image and decrypt the message. Here is a table for the translation


And here is the message:

tivvgrmt hglk gsv urihh szou lu
gsv uozt rh gsv mfnyvi gdl
nfmwivw zmw hvevm ulooldvw yb
gsv gdvougs ovggvi lu gsv
zokszyvg. hglk mvcg rh gsv
mfnyvi 3 zmw gsvm gsv hrcgs
ovggvi lu gsv zlkszyvg ulooldvw
yb gsv mrmvgvvmgs ovggvi hglk
zoo oldvixzhv

You can decode it using an atbash decipher to get the message that lets you create the flag:

greeting stop the firss half of
the flag is the number two
mundred and seven followed by
the twelfth letter of the
alphabet. stop next is the
number 3 and then the sixth
letter of the aophabet followed
by the nineteenth letter stop
all lowercase

which gives the flag 207l3fs. Atbash is a substitution cypher used apparently to encrypt hebrew alphabet.

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